Cyber Security

With its in-house team of security experts and through its strategic partnerships with leading solution providers in the areas of cyber security and intelligence, INDAFO has the end-to-end capability in cyber security ranging from cyber defense and offense, cyber intelligence including data capture, integration, and analytics.

  1.   Cyber Defense

    INDAFO helps organizations develop and implement sound strategies for securing their IT infrastructure and systems. INDAFO proposes strategies that are practical, comprehensive and properly aligned with an organization's business requirements. The process starts with an assessment of an organization’s cyber security needs and vulnerabilities. In coordination with stakeholders, INDAFO will define the security plan and strategy. Based on its assessment, INDAFO provides recommendations and implements proven cyber security solutions including the necessary processes for internal and external security monitoring, threat detection, and management. If required, INDAFO can also provide the staff to operate, support and maintain cyber security systems.

  2.   Cyber Intelligence

    Capturing data from open sources including social network sites, news sites, and other Internet data sources is a key aspect of cyber intelligence. However, to leverage the full potential of open source intelligence, open source data must be integrated and correlated with other reliable data sources such as those coming from government systems and databases. INDAFO helps law enforcement and intelligence agencies plan, implement and integrate cyber intelligence solutions,including:

      • Implementation of data capture solutions for open source data and lawful interception.
      • Establishment of a data integration platform to aggregate and correlate data from different sources such as open source intelligence, lawful interception, and government systems/databases.
      • Provision of data analytics by implementing various types of analytical tools that can be used on aggregated data to derive useful information and actionable intelligence.

Law Enforcement

INDAFO was initially established by a team of IT professionals with extensive experience in providing systems and solutions for law enforcement and, investigation and intelligence agencies with projects ranging from case management systems, document management, intelligence and investigation management, pro-active monitoring and inter-agency system integration. INDAFO capitalizes on this experience and provides consultancy services for government law enforcement and security agencies that includes:

  1.   Current State Assessment

    Any law enforcement system implementation, whether small or large scale, should start with a thorough assessment of the agency’s existing processes, systems, strengths and pain points. INDAFO help organizations define and document their needs by examining their systems, functions, and technical infrastructure, including requirements for integration with other systems and law enforcement agencies (e.g. investigation, police branches, courts, etc.).

  2.   Solution Planning

    Law enforcement solutions must be properly aligned an agency’s needs and strategies. In coordination with stakeholders, INDAFO can identify and plan the areas to be automated, and can define priorities, project phases, and strategies for integration with other security/law enforcement agencies.

  3.   Vendor/Solution Assessment and Selection

    INDAFO can help law enforcement agencies through their solution procurement and acquisition process - from RFP preparation to bid reviews, vendor/solution shortlisting, assessment and selection. INDAFO ensures that the selected vendor and solution are the best fit for the agencies’ business and technical requirements.

  4.   Implementation Management

    Management of law enforcement system implementation projects is one of INDAFO’s key strengths With INDAFO’s help, law enforcement agencies can be assured that solution delivery and system implementation are executed in accordance with industry standards and best practices, both from a technical perspective and project management methodology.

Efficiency & Automation

Many large organizations have invested in various systems and applications to automate their business processes. Yet very few have been able to fully leverage automation to maximize the benefits they can gain from their existing systems and data.

  1.   Process Automation

    INDAFO provides assistance in defining automation requirements;, evaluating products and vendors that best fit business requirements; managing solution deployment, acceptance and handover; and providing the manpower for operating and maintaining the solution.

  2.   Mobility

    Establishing a strategy for enterprise mobility is an important requirement for organizations that want to track field personnel, goods or their fleet, provide mobile payment capabilities to customers, and provide anytime-anywhere access to enterprise systems for employees and partners. - INDAFO can help in setting up a secure infrastructure for mobile applications and services, defining strategies and facilitating the deployment of mobility solutions.

  3.   System Integration

    Large organizations can achieve higher levels of efficiency by integrating systems and applications, such as islands of automation in use by different business units or by linking its systems with external partners such as suppliers and customers. With its extensive experience in a wide range of system integration projects, the INDAFO team can help identity opportunities for integration and help in linking systems and processes to achieve maximum efficiency.